5 Luxury Frontline Showers

1. The Off-the-Beaten-Track Shower Sabre Fixed Head with Water Blade

The joy of showering under a waterfall doesn't need to involve a gruelling hike. The 2-in-1 design of the Sabre Shower Head will turn daily showers into an experience worthy of Mother Nature. Simply switch between the rainfall and water blade features to bring an energising feel to the start of your day. Its integrated arm and head means you can install the Sabre without any hassle.


2. The Wellness Retreat Shower – Spa Chromatherapy/Aromatherapy Shower Head

Oil-infused steam and detoxifying shower therapy don't just belong to spa hotels. Thanks to the clever Spa Shower Head, you can now replenish your body to the same quality and luxury at home. Its chromatherapy meets aromatherapy design boosts personal well-being by teaming colour therapy with healing aromas. Touch controls and rainfall body jets also let you customise your shower from all angles. And to top it off, those who feel like their bodies need more of a boost can pair the pink light with the popular ‘Energy’ scent. The strengthening pink colour and zesty bursts of spicy bergamot and bitter orange will remove fatigue and restore mental clarity.


3. The Tropical Island Shower – Sleek Shower Head

If watching the sun rise, snorkelling with the fish, then showering on a private veranda sounds like paradise, our Sleek Shower Head awaits. Containing an ultra-thin head and nodules that release rain-sized droplets of water, this overhead shower promises natural and refreshing cleansing that even rivals outdoor showers. With two types of mountings to pick from, you’re guaranteed the perfect fit on walls and ceilings. And priced at a mere £112, the only thing we can’t guarantee are the cocktails afterwards.


4. The Cosmopolitan Shower – Vogue Shower Pack 1

An appreciation for all things sends cosmopolitan holidaymakers across the globe, so it’s only natural that the shower follows suit. In which case, you’ll find the Vogue Shower Pack an all-encompassing choice with its on-trend monochromatic look and flexible showering options. Choose between the fixed head and its natural rain experience, or divert the flow to the handset for targeted washing and a water-saving shower. Enhance it with a fresh towel and your favourite in-shower staples — and you’re all set!​


5. The ‘I Could Stay Here Forever’ Shower – Cellular Square Shower Head

Mundane activities obtain a sense of newness while on holiday. And washing is no exception. Often, a change of routine and scenery turns baths and showers into an indulgent way to unwind. Luckily, you can retain that feeling with the Cellular Shower Head, which mimics the natural flow of rain to gently cleanse the skin. Its soft downpour will also enable you to wake up gradually — making it a great alternative to the heavy blast of wall-mounted showers. So, whether you fix it straight to the ceiling, or attach it to a ceiling arm, this deluxe shower head will transport you to the peak of tranquillity and relaxation.


Author: Frontline Bathrooms

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